Team Building Party Idea

When it comes to a team building party idea to unite your employees while weaving a little fun and whimsy into your company culture, bowling is a great team building exercise. While bowling is seen on television as an individual sport, if you’ve ever been part of a bowling league, you know it’s also a great way to build camaraderie.

As a team building party idea exercise, you can approach your company bowling event from many different aspects. Maybe different departments can form teams and then the Finance, Creative, and Sales departments could go toe-to-toe in a bowling battle. Or maybe the teams are picked by random draw allowing the departments to intermingle more. Maybe you pick team captains and allow them to choose teams.

However you go about it, it’s important shoot for well-balanced teams. For instance, if you have a few really good bowlers, make sure they are distributed among the teams. After all, the point of team building is to encourage people to employ each of their individual skills for the good of the team.

One way to approach it is to play 3 games and then add the teams’ totals to determine a winner. You can mix it up by adding some variety into the games. For instance, game 1 is played normally. Game 2, everyone uses their opposite hand, so right-handed players bowl with their left hand and lefties bowl with their right. Perhaps for game three, bowlers must roll the ball between their legs or while blindfolded.

Awards will add to the fun and bring out your team’s competitive sides. You can also come up with some humorous awards such as worst bowler, lowest score, or who really rocked their bowling shoes.

Most importantly, a bowling team building activity can provide positive reinforcement of teamwork, help your team build interpersonal relationships and act as a fun and creative reward for hard work.

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