Summer Activities

Kids across the country have started the countdown. 10, 9, 8, 7 days of school left until summer vacation. For parents and kids that can mean a break from the day-to-day lunch packing and homework help and shuttling to various school activities.

It can mean summer vacations and trips to the beach and amusement parks. It means more time for family dinners and lazy afternoons by the pool.

However, it can also mean too many hours posted up in front of the tv or game console. It can mean too many reminders to “put down that phone until you do your chores.” And after the initial relief and respite that summer vacation ushers in, most of you can expect to hear the dreaded phrase that threatens to send even the most patient parents straight to the liquor cabinet at 10 a.m. You guessed it:

“I’m bored.”
This summer, don’t turn to alcohol at 10 a.m., and don’t let your kid turn into a screen zombie.

Add Verdes Tropicana Bowl to your summer bucket list, and visit often for fun competition and physical activity.

We have leagues for kids, adults and families as well as many weekly and monthly specials. In addition, we offer a variety of summer camps for kids that include one or more games, shoes and a kid-friendly meal option.

Want a little more competition? We have monthly tournaments for those looking to take their bowling game to the next level.

Stay up to date with all of our specials and upcoming events by following us on Facebook! We’re proud to be considered by our patrons as, “Absolutely the best place to bowl in Palm Beach County.” Check out Verdes Tropicana Bowl where your family will be treated like part of our family.




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