The Top Ten Bowlers of All Time

  1. Don Carter

Don Carter was a right-handed bowler with an exceptional grasp over the game. He started as a pin-setter, and would later become one of the best in the field. He was voted the greatest bowler of all time at one point, and had an aptitude for the sport that was to be desired. He won many prizes for his efforts, and continues to be an inspiration to others in the sport after his time. Don Carter never finished below fourth in most of his tournaments, and set himself up as one of the greatest of all time!

  1. Earl Anthony

Earl Anthony was a left-handed bowler that achieved 43 titles throughout his career, and stands as one of the most consistent bowlers ever. He was given credit for popularizing bowling in the United States, and wowed so many with his skill. Unfortunately, none of his games were ever televised in the United States, but the statistics remain that he certainly took home the victory all the time. This bowler practiced from 300-350 games a week, being a highly dedicated competitor.

  1. Walter Ray Williams Jr.

Walter Ray Williams Junior is an American Professional bowler with a keen insight into the sport. His extreme success is evident of his skill, holding the world record for consecutive professional titles at 47. He has earned over 4.9 million dollars through 2019, and continues to hone his craft to protect his record. In 2016 he became the first to hold over 100 total PBA titles. Williams is a nine time world champion, with a track record that speaks for itself on the main stage of bowling history. He continues to wow audiences, and cement his place in history and in bowling west palm beach.

  1. Dick Weber

Dick Weber was a founding member of the national bowlers association, and a very successful competitor in the sport. His career consists of more than 30 world tour events, and even in his old age he was successful in the senior events. His consistency was what made him stand out as nothing but remarkable. He won many All star tournaments, and had great control over the ball. Everything in his bowling arsenal was fueled by dedication and hard work, earning him many more titles. He was known as the tireless ambassador of the game due to his unrelenting practice and consistency.

  1. Brian Voss

Brian Voss is an American bowler that holds 25 PBA titles and was inducted into their hall of fame. He was widely known for his versatility in bowling, and definitely had a knack for adaptability. Voss had the ability to play well on many different oil patterns, which made him a national threat to be feared. His statistics include a streak for 12 straight seasons, and he was unfortunately plagued with a broken wrist that didn’t help his career. Still, he is marked down in history as one of the most successful versatile competitors. 

  1. Mark Roth

Mark Roth is an American professional bowler who is known for his cranker style, which is high speed, high revolutions. This technique has set the stage to be used by many modern day bowlers, proving to be exceptionally useful. He was the first bowler to convert a 7-10 split on national television. He has won 34 PBA titles, and continues to compete with aggression and style. His hard throwing style is what set him apart from other bowlers, and the way he handled the ball was quick and with lightning accuracy. This makes him very hard to compete with, and one of the greatest.

  1. Mike Aulby

Mike Aulby is an American professional bowler part of the Professional Bowlers Association. He is a skilled left handed bowler with the capacity for great victory, as proven by his years of experience. He is the only living bowler to have won both the rookie and professional bowler of the year award. Mike Aulby was the youngest player in history to achieve 10 PBA career titles, and was marked down in history as a savant of the game and in bowling west palm beach. He has won eight major championships out of his many titles, and he is cemented as one of the best in history.

  1. Billy Hardwick

Billy Hardwick was a very successful professional American bowler, with the triple crown achievement in the sport while bowling west palm beach. Billy was especially unique in that his style didn’t have much of a turn or cork to it. He was a straight bowler, but the results speak to his dedication to the sport. His straight style is what distinguished him in bowling, and set him apart as unique. There were some advantages to being a full roller, and he used it to develop more control over the throw.

  1. Norm Duke

Norm Duke is an American Professional bowler, and member of the PBA with interesting results. He has won 40 different titles and 7 large scale major championships. He has bowled a remarkable 73 perfect games in the league, and has a knack for being a perfectionist. He became the youngest bowler ever to achieve a victory in a professional world tour, and solidified his skill in the sport to the present day. His best season was in 2004 with 5 consecutive titles.

  1. Pete Weber

Pete Weber is the rebel of the bowling association, and has a personality that matches his play style. He’s aggressive and cunning, and has won many titles to back up his talk. He has won and accomplished 37 titles on the Professional Bowlers Association tour, and continues to win more as time goes on. Pete Weber has also accomplished bowling feats in the senior division and in bowling west palm beach, and is one of the greatest bowlers of all time, winning player of the year twice. Pete is also the  oldest player (50) to win the Tournament of Champions, the oldest player to win any PBA major event, and the only player to win each event of the PBA’s Triple Crown at least twice in a career.

Bowling is a sport with a long tradition and many legends. The PBA is the highest level of competition and winning a tournament is no easy task. Legends like Norm Duke, Pete Weber, and Don Carter put worked endless amounts of hours on their craft, and there accomplishments should not go unnoticed. But you don’t have to want to be a professional bowler to spend a lot of time in a bowling alley. If you’re looking for bowling west palm beach to work on your game or just have fun come to Verdes Tropicana Bowl and enjoy drinks, games,  and BOGO games Monday through Thursday from 9 till close. We have

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