Ever wonder what is the use of a bowling alley West Palm Beach, well besides a kids birthday party and for teams to compete. It is actually a great place to host so many things and you can even have some ~ drinks ~ of course, if you want!

Family Game Night or Family Reunion

Some things that can happen at a bowling alley West Palm Beach can be a simple family game night. Are you sick and tired of playing Jenga in your house as a family?? The best way to bond together on a game night is to get out of the house and make it an entire affair! This is also a great opportunity to use during a family reunion. It can help to bring the competitive players of the family together to make it more fun! Also if everyone lives near each other it would be easy and convenient to spend the day bowling!

High School Reunion

Or maybe growing up that was the place you always went to as a kid and being able to go bowl for your high school reunion is a perfect get-together!! It could be the perfect venue to use to have a couple of drinks with your oldest mates while thinking about all the different memories that happened! It can also be a great conversation starter or stopper when it is your turn to bowl! Bowling is an understated sport and should be used to our advantage since it is popular for all ages.

Charity Event

have something that you are deeply passionate about?? Why not host a fundraiser with competing teams and prizes for the first and second place! This could be a great way to raise awareness for a non-profit you are passionate about while all funding towards a common goal together. If the event is big enough maybe it can become an annual thing that you and your organization is able to host together!

Gender Reveal

This is one of the new founded trends that everyone is talking about. Maybe take it to the alley and also play a friendly game to get out of your backyard, or for during the winter months! This could be the perfect unique place to have this party with all of your friends and family. Not only will it be fun for the kids, but the adults will be able to keep up with the game while not having to worry about childcare for the day. How to do the gender reveal?? Well you can do it as apart of your deserts or maybe knocking into a pin that can change color for even more of a surprise. This is a chance to let your imagination run wild.

Bridal Shower

Are you a traditional bride or a spunky bride!! Have your bridal shower at the alley!! This can bring liveliness to your party instead of guests having to constantly play ‘get to know the bride’ games at the table. It can give the opportunity for both sides of the wedding to get to know each other in a super unique way! Doing this can bring different conversations to the table, and everyone loves to see a good match of friendly competition between the mother in-laws!

21st Birthday
Thinking about your 21st and know it is going to be the same ole get the drunk quick scheme. Well, who doesn’t love to drink and play games at the same time!! And it is perfect because you won’t be in charge of cleaning up the mess!! Plus if the alley is near downtown, you can start the day there with your family and move on with your friends to the club scene. If that is your vibe of course!

Housewarming Party

Did you just buy a new house? But is everything still in the boxes and you are just still too tired to move your things out and get organized! Move the housewarming to the local alley, so that your guests have the opportunity to get to know the area before they get to know the house.

Singles Mixer

You can get all the singles in the area together to have a bowl! They can chat during drinks or between rounds to make friends. Maybe this can be the best form of matchmaking the world has seen since the global pandemic. The funds can even go towards a local charity. Even if in the hopes it is all for love.

End of the Year Office Party

Tired of the summertime picnics where everyone just awkwardly stares at each other since you never see them outside of the office?? Perfect!! Take your office mates and their family to the alley! Another form of mingling that is unique and does not require a lot of extra planning since often times there is already food at the alley. All you and your company would need to do is rent out the lanes and have some fun with your coworkers without all the work stress. To make it even more inviting you can have everyone chip in team baskets to make the event more intriguing.

Team Banquets

One of the things I always dreaded going to but felt obligated because my parents nagged me to go. These were the team banquets where the coach looks at you and basically lets you know that they have had favorites for the entire season. Not my cup of tea. I would much rather spend the time bonding with my teammates while also being preoccupied to hear the lame end of the year speeches. This would have been a better way to take up my time on a random Wednesday night.

There are so many different things that you can host at an Alley and these are just a few. Also, it is important to think about how the food is there, and you may be able to get discounts depending on how many guests you are expecting. This can also save you money when planning a fun event! Give it a go.

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