There’s nothing quite like a night with friends, sharing some laughs while hitting the lanes. And while most people may think a night at the bowling alley would not hold surprises, they’d be wrong. Keep reading for some of the best, most shocking bowling stories you’ve ever heard.
James was having a rough time during league play one night – no matter how he corrected for it, he kept releasing the ball early. Once, his ball jumped the gutter and spun across the lane next to him. Another time his ball slammed on the floor then bounced back to hit him in the ankle. Finally fed up, James stormed to the front desk, bought some grip cream, and covered his thumb in it. The problem was solved! James couldn’t release quick enough and lofted his ball so high it crashed through the ceiling tiles above. After about ten minutes, the ball still had not come down, so they got help. One of the pin spotters brought a ladder to find it. Before he could set up the ladder, though, James’s ball crashed through the tiles three lanes down. It hit a woman’s foot, bounced down the lane, and somehow James managed to score a strike. The whole story has become part of bowling legend.
Millie and Harv loved their bowling league and had played on the same team for years. Their teammate, Gary, often caught a ride with them into town on league nights, since they all lived in the same rural area outside town. They usually talked about other members of their league during the drive – especially Winston, who never failed to hop up, strut around flapping his arms, and gobble when anyone made a turkey. On the way to their championship game, though, Harv’s car ran out of gas, and the trio was stranded. Since it was long before everyone carried a phone with them, the three sat and waited, hoping someone would drive by. While they bemoaned the fact that the game had already started and they were missing it, Harv remembered he had put some pop bottles for return in his trunk just the day before. He hopped out of the car, opened the trunk, and laughed as he dragged the box out into the moonlight. He leaned through the open car window and yelled, “Come on!” as he ran past the car. As Millie and Gary approached, they saw Harv’s perfect set up of ten soda bottles. The three were found about an hour later, laughing and bowling on the side of the road, taking turns gobbling and flapping their arms with each turkey made.
Bill was only 12 when he got a job as a scorekeeper at his uncle’s bowling alley. He only made a few cents per line, but between staying after hours to keep score for league pot games and to help clean up once everyone left, he made enough money to be considered rich by his friends. To add to his popularity, on weekends, his uncle would let Bill and his friends spend the night at the bowling center. Once the boys were locked in, the only rules were to not break anything and don’t touch the alcohol. Bill and his friends had several of these lock-ins with no incident, until one rainy night in late autumn. Six boys were spending the night, and they had already downed several sodas each, enough junk food to feed a family of four for a week, bowled a few games, and had settled in their sleeping bags for the night. As they were telling stories, each trying to frighten the others with the scariest story he could think of, a sudden loud bang made them all sit up with a jolt. As they were looking at each other, their eyes wide with fear, another loud bang shook the silence. Slowly, albeit unwillingly, the boys moved toward the source of the sound. Flinging open the door into the back room, they found Bill’s uncle and a couple of the other boys’ fathers doubled over with laughter as they took turns dropping an old, broken bowling ball onto the floor.
Hannah never missed one of Turk’s games, and being eight months pregnant sure wasn’t going to stop her. This made Turk proud as a peacock, of course, because he was the only team member whose wife had never missed a game. And tonight, Turk was killing it – he’d made seven straight strikes so far. He knew it was a perfect night for a perfect game, and he couldn’t help but strut a little each time he walked back to his seat. He would throw Hannah a look over his shoulder, grinning happily, and she would wave back, all smiles. Turk noticed that by the fifth strike, she was beginning to look a little pale. When he glanced back at her after number seven, though, he knew something was wrong. He flew to her side to ask if she was okay, only to be met with a low but forceful grunt of pain. “The baby,” Hannah managed to gasp out. “It’s time!” Turk kissed her forehead and told her to hold tight while he pulled the car around. When he returned to her chair, though, she was gone. Just then, he heard his name called. One of his teammates was waving to him from behind the front desk. When Turk got there, he saw Hannah laying on the floor, another woman between her legs, helping her. It was all a blur – he heard the woman yell, “One more push!” and Hannah screamed. Her voice was quickly drowned out by the loudest, clearest cry you’ve ever heard. “It’s a boy!” the woman yelled, and the entire bowling alley erupted in cheers. It took Turk a few weeks before he was back at the game, but he knew he’d never have a night at the lanes as perfect as that.

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